OSITO PROJECT is a creative platform and community event rental space in the East Village district of Vancouver.


Our goal is to create a center for multidisciplinary arts as well as provide a platform to showcase local music talent in our city.


By providing a low cost rental space for artists we will help nurture an evolving culture in East Vancouver, already rich with unique talent but lacking in affordable platforms to showcase their work. Our space encourages growth and enables networking and engagement with like-minded individuals.


OSITO PROJECT is available to all artists from a variety of mediums which could be anything from audio, visual, fashion, crafts, dance and lifestyle, as well as private events, provided they align with our ethos and express messages of unity, acceptance, tolerance and philosophical ideas that strengthen our community.


Unity • Acceptance • Tolerance • Inclusivity • Community • Creativity • Growth • Integrity • Good Times • Good Vibes



Booking inquiries, please email us at