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Jennifer and Jesse Sugarman leaning on a bar

The word Osito translates from Spanish to English as 'Little Bear'. It is a story of true love about a little bear that ran away to Ibiza and danced all night and slept all day. A nickname given to a girl by the boy who followed to get her back – it's a word of love. 


Based in Vancouver BC, Osito Events began in 2019 as an events company launched by (newly married couple) Jennifer and Jesse Sugarman that paired underground electronic house music with the motto of good vibes only, creating an inclusive, welcoming safe space for all party goers. 


Osito's main objective has always been to create community through Music and Art, and now, Food as well. 


Osito Events now operates as an Event Management Company and Catering Service working with a vast collective of local businesses and artists from local breweries and the arts and entertainment scene in order to curate multi-faceted events that people talk about, delivering a unique experience in any venue, indoor or outdoor.

Osito Events was the inspiration behind newly opened "Osita" live music supper club on Commercial Drive In East Vancouver - opened in June 2022 by Jesse Sugarman with design input from Jennifer.

Join the #partybear adventures and leave with full hearts and sore legs! 

Drop us an email to inquire about your next event or need for catering services!

We can't wait to hear from you!

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